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  1. Seasons / Chapter One / the Summer

    The Season project consists of four chapters and each of them takes one particular season as a starting point.

    Within this project we try to find the most suitable location and time of the year that would fit the essence of that season. 

    Chapter one - the Summer, was located at the beach in Tūja, Latvia.

    The main theme for this chapter was fire, passion and desire, that was leading the five stages of the event.

    Starting from the old seaman who is telling a story about his lost mermaid and ending with the live-playing-and-burning piano, the chapter consisted of nine courses and lasted for about three hours.

    Chef: Andris Jugāns

    Concept, Design: Mārcis Ziemiņš

    Waiters: Andris Zabītis and Līga Sipiagina

    Actors: Jana Herbsta, Maksims Busels, Dainis Sumišķis

    DJ: Mareks Ameriks

    Photos: Beāte Ligere, Jānis Vīksna

    Concept, production: Gundega Skudriņa

    Production assistant: Nora Ūpe

    Tūja, Latvia



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