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  1. Part two - 1.6180339

    Based on the golden ratio phenomena, we created a two and a half hour dinner experience, trough which the guests were guided troughout seven spaces and themes to have a glimpse of what golden section is and what it could be in terms of food and performance.


    Chef: Lauris Aleksejevs, Restaurant "36 Line"

    Scenography, design: Mārcis Ziemiņš

    Lighting design: Jānis Sniķers

    Music by: Matīss Runtulis

    Produced by: Gundega Skudriņa


    Cast: Jana Ļisova, Ance Kukule, Jana Herbsta, Reinis Boters, Uldis Sniķers, Maksims Busels, Kārlis Tols

    Latvia, 2014


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